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Straw Wattles

At Earthsavers we manufacture “the Original Rice Straw Wattle”, using only straw that is certified weed free by the USDA. Performance tested at San Diego State University and with almost 2 decades of proven field performance, our wattle is the wattle the industry asks for by name.


Wovens, nonwovens, high performance, monofilaments, landscape fabrics…you name it.

Earthsavers inventories a full line of geotextiles to meet industry standards for a wide variety of applications including drainage, stabilization, reinforcement, rock slope protection and weed control.

Temporary RECPs

Temporary Erosion Control Blankets and Coir Mats protect the soil and seed and enhance vegetation establishment, providing many of the benefits of mulch. Most erosion control blankets are available with 100% biodegradable and wildlife friendly netting, as well as the original photodegradable netting.


Hydraulically applied Erosion Control Products (HECPs)

  • Wood

  • Straw

  • Cellulose

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